Attendance Management
Can integrate with biometric system and capture real time attendance. Can modify attendance on approvals if there is a mis-punch. Inputs can be either biometric or excel sheet. Can configure late coming and leave policy for each location. There are slot methods or cumulative methods which give flexibility for the user to configure. Auto deduct or employee apply gives more freedom for the employer to decide. Waive off, late mark waiver, early departure, strict / linnet policy can be set. Individual calendar view for all employees with all status in it. Flexi hours for certain group of employee / pay roll flexi can be done for MD
Mobile Compatible
All employee screens are mobile compatible. Can apply and approve attendance flow in mobile itself
Leave Management
Leave can be configured by employer itself. Customised leave name can be added, it can be configured by level wise. Employment type can also be configured. Monthly credit or yearly credit can also be configured. Carry forward leaves according to leave cycle. / Encash leave when employee leave or yearly encashment can be done. Holiday list can be customised with different locations. Sandwich leave policy / all leave minimum and maximum leave can also be configured. Auto approval and number of days to skip the approval also can be configured